How I made $1400 in 26 days using 7search

PPC Networks are Pay-Per-Click networks wherein we are allowed to advertise and get targeted customer to our sites/offers. There are many renowned PPC Networks, the most renowned is Google Adwords, followed by Bing Adcenter. But the major problem with such big networks is that Policy (in the case of Adwords) which does not support Affiliate links and the high CPC (Cost-Per-Click) which makes it a pain in the pocket to advertise.

7search – The simple solution to both the above problems is this PPC Network which is loved by all affiliates worldwide. Although 7search falls short on the amount of traffic but then it all depends on your targeting which can cause everything to change.

Recently, I was hit up with a mail from one of my Account Manger at a CPA Network and it read something like this;

Hey Rahul! I am your account manager with Above All Offers. I hope all is well. I'm just trying to get in touch with you and see which is your preferred contact method. Also, do you have a Facebook I can add? I haven’t heard from you in a while. Is there anything I can do to help your campaigns or did you still want to keep your account active? I haven't seen you running much lately. Please let me know what I can do for you, thanks!

John Birks 
Above All Offers 

Actual Screenshot here.

So after having read it, I managed to have a conversation with him on Skype wherein he said that one of the highest converting offers was “Garcinia Cambogia”. To my surprise, it even came with an upwell for customers who had successfully bought the package. Without much of a waiting period I looked into the top 10 searches for the keyword which will simply unbeatable, so SEO was a big NO! One of my remaining skills with a good experience was PPC. 

7search clearly showed a lot of competition and the top bid would easily have to cross a dollar, which was very high.

bid competition garcinia

So I decided to check the demographics for the top 10 ranking sites. Not finding any deciding demographics, I went for the site of Dr.Oz who was the man behind the launch and found a particular demographic which was supposed to have decent conversions.

DrOZ Demographic

Now the tricky part was to find a keyword that has minimal CPC and High searches with the traffic matching the demographics. I kept looking for general lose weight keyword which had good searches and very minimal CPC and after about 7 hours of finding keyword, confirming demographic and finding a search term in 7search. I found one; 

7search keyword

Note: The reason I will not be revealing my search term is because the campaign is still on the go and I would not like my campaign to be targeted.

It has over 292k searches per month confirming around 2600 clicks on ads, with the CPC going on a max of 0.05. I knew I found a good search term and was worth testing on. I added sufficient amount of money in my account and made the ad which looks like this. I had once read on a blog, a way to go about the minimum 0.05 CPC and set it to 0.01 which was not much of a task after the campaign was set. I tested it for a couple of days, It turned nothing taking over 50-60 clicks per day but on the fourth day, when I was almost set to turn it off, I made a sale! $40 from 159 hops costing not more than $1.60. I had made my ROI, and now it was time to let it run.

26 days later, this is what the screenshot looks like.

AOA screenshot

7search screenshot

How can you duplicate the same? Follow the steps;

  1. Read your emails. Well, None of this would have happened if I had not replied to that email of my Account manger so yes. Real your emails because not all of them are spam and not everyone is a scammer. Every once in a while you will find a email worth replying or reading.
  2. Find a converting offer. Talking to your Account Manager is the best resolution because he/she can always see which one is covering with which type of traffic.
  3. Find the demographic, interest and searches of the targeted customers.
  4. Do NOT test with the product name, rather find some keyword with the alike targeted customers which gives you a good hand at testing and a way better CPC.
  5. Test. The most important pointer is to test. You never know what can work until you test. I was rather persistent to find a conversion on the last day when I was all set for turning it off. But don’t go all crazy on a campaign spending all your money on it. Be smart about it.

Your questions, comments, love and hateful comments are more than welcome in the comment section below, So do leave me a response before you go off to wander in the Online Universe.

<Now Talking like a TV Host>

Until Next time, This is me Rahul Verma, and hopefully I will find you on the next blog post which should be coming real soon. 

Keep Testing because Persistence pays off… Eventually! 🙂


  1. Hi Rahul,

    Man, how we can locate the country of the top websites on the similar keywords?

    And what factors does it play to decide we need to ran out CPA offer in those specific areas.

    Most of us target US, I have been doing teespring lately but gonna work on CPA pretty soon. Need your detailed answer on it?

    • Hello Umer,
      The country can be determined usually by having a look at the demographics for the searches in Google. They are usually the same. You should be versed with the interests of the people in your demographic, if you can read their mindset, you can sell them.

      Don’t just target US, there are many countries out there which have potential customers. I would advice asking your Affiliate Manager for the top countries, they will let you know easily.

      Good Luck 🙂

  2. Great insights Rahul (also I like your writing style – both fun and action oriented). You’ve just made me wow, you spent only $22 and earned $1.4k, so cool! And really thanks for sharing this, you made me want to give it a try.

    However I have a question, obviously you have a deep understanding about all those things so you can come up keywords that will bring the results but I’d like to learn that process. How did you go through and find the winning keyword?

    Did you look similar sites to find the seed keywords or just throw “how to lose weight” or something generic into google keyword tool and go from there? I really want to learn what did you do in that 7 hours…

    And do you think we (beginners to ppc) should learn more about 7search or just dive into?

    Hopefully you’ll keep posting with that frequency for a long time! And why don’t you have an optin form, I want to subscribe 🙂


    • Finally! I mean I have a whole set of people at Facebook who are asking me sorts of things and when I look here.. I am not sure if the post has been published properly.. 178 visits 2 comments. Says something about the people, doesn’t it?

      Anyways, Yes, $22 ad spent and $1.4k in commissions. Do give it a try, that it what the case study is meant for.. inspiring.

      I can’t say for sure that I have a deep understanding of the target audience, though I’d like to think so. The winning keyword actually was nowhere even remotely near weight loss. I went on to find similar interest, say I am a guy looking to lose weight but then I have a life. I might be going to office, looking after kids, car something etc etc. So I am not there the entire day searching for how to lose weight fast. Understanding this is what makes the sale. You might get a hold of my email and throw me an affiliate link of another weight loss promising ebook which I am most certain to buy. But other than that I got other interests say maybe I love food, which shouldn’t be too hard for you to guess since I am in your list. But I am more likely to fill in my email for a $1000 burger king coupon than be sold a treadmill. What I mean is look on the other common interests besides weight loss and target them with a test and once you have a winner you’ll know.

      7search doesn’t require much to learn. It is quite basic but I won’t deny that there are a few tricks which make it even more loveable. I am working on making an All-you-need-to-know guide for PPC and yes, it will be Free 🙂

      I will surely be publishing more content here in the coming week and will look to be more consistent with it.About the opt-in, I actually have a free giveaway course in the making which will do the honours for the opt-in form, so It won’t take long.

      • Got it. I remember someone told me that if someone wants to buy a drill he doesn’t care about the drill’s itself, all he want is making a hole. I guess this is what you’re talking about. Makes sense but needs practice to think with that way. But definitely will try it.

        Even here’s my first try: for exp. in weight loss niche, I can target female who are engaged and – no matter how fit they are – all women wants to lose weight before marriage 🙂 So maybe I can target keywords related to marriage? I hope I’m on the right track!

        Thanks for the detailed explanation and looking forward to read your next post!

  3. Glad to see your success with PPC, Rahul. 7search is notoriously known for less conversion rate. What was your conversion rate?

    May be I skipped the post too fast, but did you direct link the product or used a landing page.

    • I have been using 7search for almost 6 months now and I have always experienced a decent conversion rate. For this campaign, as of now, it is 1.6% which is not that bad. Actually, I didn’t mention the part about linking.. anyways I directly linked to the offer page.

  4. Hi Rahul,

    Just came to know that you have a personal blog but its really awesome buddy..

    Actually I never dig into PPC stuffs as it sucks some huge bucks all time.. 😛

    But, you changed the way most people think about it and yes I do.

    Really great post, good to see you played it different way and banked decent bucks in a month. Inspiring.

    BTW, Can I ask you which CPA network you certainly work/recommend Rahul?

    Cheers buddy 😀

    • Hello Prabhakaran,
      Thank You, I’m glad you like it 🙂 Not a lot of people do PPC and then the amount of people using 7search for the same gets even more lesser, all the better I’d say.. Lesser competition 😀 I hope I gave people enough reason to give it a try because it simple does work if you target the right audience.

      $1400 isn’t much but the part that they came with just $22 ad spent is what makes it even better for me. I don’t work with any defined network, I just look around for offers with a good conversion and mostly find myself already having an Account there. For this particular Case Study, it was AboveAllOffers.

  5. thanks for your case study…I have used 7search before made 9.80$ with traffic spend of 25$ got -ROI 😀 you made to test it again 😀 going to try with your demographic tips…

    • Hello Ajeet,
      Something tells me you targeted the product name keyword which costed the CPC on the ad spent to be higher. Try testing with other keywords with a relatively low CPC. Good Luck.

  6. Thanks so much Rahul. I’ve to read this your 7search case study thrice to fully grasp all the nuggets. I’v been looking for great ppc site other than fb, G and B that can easily accept affiliate links. Thanks for the insight.

    • There are not a lot of PPC networks with decent traffic, approved Affiliate links and decent CPC, but 7search works just fine. Take some action, you’ll reap the rewards too Jerry.

  7. First, congrats 🙂

    Well, account managers are ready to help affiliates. However, one should get in touch and take advice/suggestions if they need any help. Thanks for sharing your case study 🙂

    • Thanks you Nizam.
      I can’t emphasise enough on talking to the Aff. Managers and having an advantage at your side anyways.
      And you’re welcome.

  8. There were few people only get success with 7 Search since most of us believe 7 search gives low conversion. But you proved it with high ROI.

    This seems if we use it with proper research, we can have big hopes. Will surely give it a try and tweak it accordingly. Thanks.

    Have a wonderful day.

    • I’m glad I could show you something out of the blue. Proper research and good keyword targeting.. that’s all you need 🙂 You’re welcome.

  9. Hello Rahul,

    I hope you remember me. 😛
    So finally I am going to ask you some questions.
    How you look on demographics, interests etc ? Using Quantcast or anything else also?
    So after seeing your keywords which are hidden on screenshot. And in every keyword there are very low CPCs but you targeted only 1 keyword why so ? Because there were decent impression but having the most clicks? Or their is any other reason also?
    And as your said you have read on some blog that to get minimum cpc just put budget with 0.01 cpc only, so will you suggest me also to always put minimum cpc to test it ?
    You got 1 sale after 159 hops, sorry but what do mean by hops ? Clicks? or The term which called email opt-in/Email Subs? As I have also read the comments/questions asked by other people here, you said you used direct linking offer with no Landing page ? I am little bit confused.
    And in starting of your campaign what the daily budget you set? and does setting a daily budget effect the ad? and you targeted 10 countries can you list what countries you targeted? And as i did not tried 7search till now so when we put keyword to see the searches and cpc, does 7search ask for country to target on or it tells the overall?
    And what does Avg. rank means? my last question for now, have you used any other tools to get keywords or just used 7search inside tools?

    I hope my questions will help all readers.


    • Hello Rishabh,
      I surely do. Questions are fine because that way I know, somebody out there is actually learning from this 🙂

      Demographics and interests are basically a basic combination of Quantcast analysis of the niche authority followed by popular hobbies and interests of the targeted audience. You can have a look at the question here ( and you’ll know exactly how.

      In paid traffic campaigns, if you research clearly one keyword gives you edge over the entire campaign, you just need to have it well researched and tested.

      Minimum CPC is not always the best thing to sort by, but if you look clearly the campaign made $1400 in 26 days “from just $22”. The invest of just over $20 yielding over 2,200 targeted clicks was entirely based on the CPC of the keyword in hand, and while testing I was easily able to get to set it to a lower one than what I was bidding for earlier. I would suggest you to keep testing so that you get the most impressions and clicks while keeping the CPC to the minimum.

      Yes, by hops I meant clicks that got the users to the offer page. For that campaign, I haven’t used any landing page or presell page to collect the emails and am directly linking to the offer page.

      Yes, I did set the daily budget, it was $7 but in my experience that does not have any effect on the campaign as long as you have an idea about the amount of traffic you are receiving from the keyword. The countries that I targeted were not something I chose manually, they were the ones which the offer was valid in.

      In the campaign settings in the first page itself, choosing the countries does the sorting even before you are asked for the keywords.

      Average rank means what position your ad shows in the ad blocks, that way you know if you need to big higher or lower on the keyword. The keyword research was done entirely using the 7search tool itself.

      Hope that answers it

      Good Luck.

  10. I have a very limited budget and I also have tried 7search in the past and made only 1 sale from Peerfly. How has it gone for you after your success?

    Many marketers say that 7search traffic is useless but there should more something relevant with it.

  11. When promoting on 7search many people talk about blocking some bad traffic with subid’s. Haven’t you done anything like that? I checked my Peerfly click data and some came from page with no or small content. Now I want to block that. But I am not sure how this blocking bad traffic works – I mean on what basis we categorize those as bad?

  12. Hi Rahul,

    Great job with your ROI! Couple of question if I may.

    1. What kind of ad copy did you write? Did you write about the product you where promoting or about fixing the persons problem?

    2. Did you target broad, phrase or exact?



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